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Hanna and Mackenzie are sitting next to each other on a couch. Mackenzie is looking at Hanna and laughing and Hanna is smiling at the camera.  The photo is in black and white.

The Dating Detectives

Welcome to the podcast that delves deep into the murky waters of dating in the modern age, where the world of romance is fraught with deception and deceit.

What's it all about?

Remember the days when meeting someone meant introductions through friends or chance encounters at a bar? Today, the quest for love often involves swiping through profiles filled with half-truths and hidden agendas. We've all heard of "Catfish," but we've moved beyond that era and into the era of the "Dogfish." These are the individuals who look like their photos, but are masterful in their art of deception.


Our podcast uncovers the chilling tales of "Dogfish," exploring stories of individuals who manipulate and deceive for their own gain. Tune in to hear riveting accounts of scammers preying on vulnerable widows, unsuspecting victims who discover their spouse has a secret life hidden in plain sight, and “other women” who band together to take their boyfriend down. 


Join us as we expose the truth and embark on a mission to unmask every "Dogfish" across America. Don't miss out on the thrilling pursuit of honesty in the world of modern dating apps.

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